ZODIAC LINK MULTISERVICES is a business organization into investment management, human resources management, capital building, entrepreneurial/personal development and strategic planning with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.


Our core values are to provide a roadmap for business services and business objectives; to have the ability to measure progress, effectiveness and control of our business operations worldwide. Our aim is to add value in the private/public sector, evolve profit making and having strategic business expansion and brand building.


  1. To create value and make a difference in all facets of business to include small, medium and large business out there
  2. To inspire young minds into entrepreneurship and brand creation
  3. To diversify the economy of the country into human capital development
  4. To be the world most respected service brand.


  1. To create a better everyday life and support the vision by offering a wide range of well-defined business.
  2. To create leverage based system of business
  3. To promote smooth communication gap and improve strategic planning and executions in the sector.



We offer trainings on business development, content and investment management. We also offer consultancy services, branding/packaging, strategic planning and portfolio management through presentations and human capacity building.


Our team is made up of personnel that are vastly trained in and out of the country in the area of interest to the organization (which includes Human Resources Development, Investment and Portfolio management). We have qualified personnel trained to offer expert advice on business development and human resource training.